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Image by Gaétan Meyer

About Us

Our mission is to accelerate the transition to a climate positive world,
by helping companies, policy makers and other stakeholders
decarbonize and create a circular economy.

We believe that this transition offers an incredible opportunity for businesses
that are ready to embrace it and become
innovation leaders.

We love to work with ambitious companies and individuals within companies
break down the complexity, chart a path, and build coalitions.

How do we work?

What do we typically do?

We often start with broad scans to understand technology options and regulatory trends to help you make decisions. For instance, we perform innovation scouting and assessments, where we look systematically at costs, sustainability and feasibility of technologies. Based on this, we work with you on implementation by developing action plans, forming coalitions/consortia and raising funding.

How are projects funded?

About half of our projects are paid directly by industry partners, half are funded as common projects where we apply together for innovation and research grants, e.g. from Innosuisse. We also participate in larger research consortia, e.g. funded by the EU.

How do we combine science and industry application?

In our projects we draw on existing science and research across disciplines, building on the experience from the researchers at our chair and ETH in general, through literature research and interviews with academic experts. We also find it very valuable to bring the perspectives of industry back into science.  

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