Investigating the Potential for CO2 Collection Infrastructure

Project Overview 

Status: Ongoing

In order for Switzerland to reach its 2050 net-zero target, it is necessary need to get a detailed understanding of all decarbonization options as soon as possible - including technical feasibility, costs, financing mechanisms, risks, and required regulations.

Previous projects as well as publications by the Swiss authorities (e.g. Energieperspektiven 2050+) have shown that CCS will play a central role in the decarbonization process. As such, the technology is already available and its feasibility for a first-of-a-kind application has been tested - but a number of open questions surrounding scale-up still remain.


One of the major bottlenecks that emerged from our projects is the collection and transport of large volumes of CO2 across Switzerland and Europe. To address this, we are currently involved in two projects related to the scale-up of CCS infrastructure in Switzerland and beyond:

Conceptual design and cost estimation for a CO2 collection network in Switzerland

To gain a better understanding of the engineering and regulatory feasibility and financing needs, the Italian pipeline engineering company SAIPEM has been engaged to provide a first conceptual study for a CO2 collection network in Switzerland.

First results will be published in Q1 of 2021.

Application for H2020 funding for the modeling of the European CCS network

Together with a large consortium led by SINTEF, we have applied for Horizon 2020 funding for a European CCS project. At its core, it would include the modeling of the European CCS network and could thus build on the existing work on the Swiss CO2 network.

Please contact Marian Krueger or Petrissa Eckle for more information.

Funding and Partners
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