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Carbon Removal ClimAccelerator launches officially

Together with a number of partners, sus.lab has launched the Carbon Removal ClimAccelerator – an accelerator program solely dedicated to supporting European teams working on carbon removal!

On the path to Net Zero, carbon removal (CDR) will play a crucial role. Of course, emissions need to be avoided and reduced emissions as much as possible – but where this is hardly possible, actively removing CO2 from the atmosphere is required to compensate for these hard-to-abate emissions. Climate scenarios are in agreement on this: CDR is required to achieve Net Zero – and we need it sooner than later. However, already today, the CDR-market is supply-constrained with buyers and marketplaces scrambling to source viable CDR projects.

This is the bottleneck the Carbon Removal ClimAccelerator will tackle by supporting early-stage CDR startups with coaching, expert workshops, impact assessment and non-dilutive capital. Given that time is scarce in the fight against the climate crisis, early technology and impact validation will ensure that resources are spent on those CDR solutions most likely to deliver substantial climate impact.

The accelerator is run by the sus.lab at ETH Zurich, the Technical University Delft, PANNON Pro Innovations and Project Together and made possible by our partners Climate-KIC, Munich Re, ERGO and the ClimateWorks Foundation.

Applications are open until September 1st. More information at

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