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Sus.Lab develops a sustainability strategy with the Schweizer Salinen based on the UN SDGs

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Developing a sustainability masterplan for the future sustainability pioneer in the Salt industry is a great challenge. Schweizer Salinen decided to collaborate with sus.lab at SusTec to tackle this challenge. 

We recently completed a project with the Schweizer Salinen, developing a sustainability masterplan with the entire management and executive team. Schweizer Salinen is a medium-sized company that produces around 600,000 tons of salt, covering the entire demand of Switzerland. To become a sustainability pioneer in the Salt business, Schweizer Salinen recognized the need to consider more sustainability aspects than just conserving energy.

The project started out with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to ensure a holistic approach on sustainability. We guided the collaborative project where over 300 ideas were brainstormed and prioritized in workshops with the management team of Schweizer Salinen. Finally, 20 precise actions were chosen which address environmental as well as social aspects. Some environmental measures include closing the loop on water use or using the large roofs of the production plants to produce solar power, to capture water, or for vertical cultivation. The social projects concern gender equality or the health and well-being of employees, for example by encouraging them to come to work by bike. The project video can be found here.

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