We have been working on Carbon capture, Utilization and storage since 2018
Phase 1 - What can we do with 4 mio tons of CO2 per Year?

«CO2 capture and use or storage options for the Swiss Waste-to-Energy plants» -  commissioned by VBSA (‘Verband der Betreiber Schweizerischer Abfallverwertungsanlagen’). Click here for more information and to download our whitepaper.

PHASE 2 - CAN we demonstrate CCS at full scale at KVA Linth and transport it to the North Sea for Storage?

«Feasibility of a demonstrator for the carbon capture and storage value chain in CH with a waste to energy plant» - funded by Innosuisse and implementation partners VBSA and KVA Linth. Click here for more information.

PHASE 3 - Can we build CO2 infrastructure for Switzerland until 2030?

Our goal is to evaluate the opportunity for large-scale Carbon Capture for waste incineration and other large emitters in Switzerland by 2030. Download our vision document here

FAQ - Frequently asked Questions on CCS

Click here to find frequently asked questions on CCS and submit your own questions here