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Test to Reduce

Project Overview 

Status: Complete

The "Test to Reduce" project is the next phase in sus.lab’s mission to reduce the impact of packaging. The Innovation Center for Sustainable Retail (ICSR) was the first step towards more innovative and sustainable packaging during which a collaboration with the Swiss retailer Denner AG was initiated. We developed a Packaging Baseline to quantify yearly packaging by each product to understand and identify optimization potential. This database was the foundation for the subsequent Innovation Potential project, where we analysed product categories with the largest optimization potential in a series of workshops.

The mission of this project is very clear: Reduce the environmental impact of packaging to achieve at least 20%  reduction in emissions by 2025. This shall be achieved by implementing optimization projects as well as testing a selection of innovative projects. Through continuous tracking of packaging and scouting of innovations we can test different potential solutions with the highest impact. By including the most relevant stakeholders in the development and testing process, an optimal outcome is to be achieved. An iterative approach will allow us to test, adapt and improve each solution. 

If you’d like to get in touch with us, please contact Julia Bachmann.

News & Reports


Denner Industry Report

Unpacking a Supermarket: Transparency on the mysteries of packaging - based on data collected from a Swiss supermarket

How can packaging reduction goals be achieved when packaging is not measured or monitored? 
We built a data foundation, the Packaging Baseline, providing transparency for the industry, enabling monitoring of their reduction goal, and allowing systematic prioritization of reduction measures.

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