Circular Economy
H​elp companies implement circular economy principles by improving their natural resource use through optimizing resource flows, measuring circularity using new KPI systems and innovative business models
Construction & Buildings
Support innovation in the construction industry by evaluating the market potential and environmental impact of sustainable construction material and assessing policy measures to further decarbonize the building stock
Energy & Transportation
Support stakeholders in the electricity market and mobility sector succeed in the transition towards a low-carbon future by identifying business opportunities in the clean technologies market.
Carbon Capture, Storage and Use
Examine the business case of capture, transport and use or storage of CO2, a solution regarded as necessary for achieving the 1.5°C climate goal
Net Zero
Develop a framework, approach and clear understanding of costs and impact of nature based solutions and technology innovations for companies and cities to navigate the transition to net zero
Corporate Sustainability
Help companies and organizations implement ambitious sustainability goals and develop long term strategies while gaining a competitive advantage
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