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Towards Net-Zero Shipping

Project Overview 

Status: Complete (2019)

The shipping sector contributes about 3% of global green-house gas emissions. Although major international organizations like the IMO have set targets to reduce emissions, these targets are not in line with the IPCC’s 1.5-degree scenario.

Commissioned by Amplifier, sus.lab created a comprehensive report to understand the path towards zero-carbon emissions in shipping by 2050 for the Baltic and North Sea regions.​ The report analyses new technologies, identifies gaps in infrastructure development, assesses the economic viability and opportunities of alternative fuels and discusses the impact for the environment. Moreover, this report will provide an actionable guideline for ship owners, port operators, investors and policy makers to support this transition towards a more sustainable and green future of maritime transportation.


The report was launched on the 28th of October 2019 at a special event in Hamburg, Germany.

Please contact Marian Krüger for more information.

Main Report
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Deep dive on technologies, looking at CO2 impact, readiness of technology and infrastructure and economics.

Opportunities to Pioneer
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Deep dive on what we need to do today to accelerate the transition towards net-zero shipping.

Funding Sources and Regulation
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Deep dive on available funding sources and regulations.

News and Blog Features 
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The argument for using hydrogen and ammonia as marine fuels

Cruise Times - Page 48 - Issue 14 Winter 2020

Just as the cruise shipping industry is fully embracing LNG, the goalposts for emission control are moving. The question is, should LNG be leapfrogged in favor of zero-carbon fuels like hydrogen and ammonia? Read More

Windward Circle.png

Building the ‘Silicon Valley’ of zero carbon shipping

WindWard - 06.11.2020

A little more than a year ago, the IPCC published the 1.5 degree report – setting a goal of “net-zero” carbon emissions by around 2050. This goal suddenly moved the need for action from the distant future to the immediate present. It also made it clear that every sector will need a strategy for complete decarbonization – there will be very little room for foot-dragging. Read More

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Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Pathways to achieve Net-Zero Carbon Shipping

ETHZ Energy Blog - 05.05.2020

Very few individuals think of the complex value chains functioning behind the scenes, delivering the products and commodities consumed on a daily basis. In today’s global economy, maritime shipping plays an essential role in the success of international trade. Read More.

ME Circle.png

Wind is the Free Fuel for Tankers and Bulk Carriers

The Maritime Executive - 22.04.2020

Amplifier, BAR Technologies and Reederei Nord are delighted to announce a major partnership, starting the final phase of maturing and adapting BAR Technologies’ patented WindWings technology. Read More.


Charting a course for emission-free shipping

ETHZ News - 29.10.2019

On behalf of a German ship operator, a team from ETH Zurich mapped out “routes” towards emission-​free shipping. To this end, they investigated shipping activities in the North and Baltic Seas as well as the infrastructure, costs of new fuels and storage options. Read More

Funding and Partners
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