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We help a variety of stakeholders from industry, politics, and society to overcome systemic challenges and be at the forefront of opportunities to decarbonize and create a circular economy

What do we typically do?

We often start with broad scans to understand technology options, regulatory trends, and business opportunities. For example, we perform innovation scouting and techno-economic assessments, systematically analysing the sustainability and feasibility of technologies as well as their associated cost drivers and revenue streams.

How are our projects generally funded?

About half of our projects are funded directly by industry partners. The other half is funded by innovation and research grants from Switzerland and the EU, which we apply for together with industry partners or as a larger consortium.

How do we combine science and industry application?

We operate as a think-and-do-tank with a holistic and comprehensive approach combining science, industry, and policy. We base our work on the most recent academic findings and consult our project partners with tailored solutions and best practices.

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