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Project Overview

Construction and buildings

Circular Building Industry - Innovation Booster

Plastics and packaging

Shaping the Circular Economy

Concept for an Innovation Centre for Sustainable Retail

Where is the increasing use of rPET in Switzerland leading?

Denner’s Packaging Baseline

Closing the Loop for Flexible Packaging

Plastic Recycling in Ghana

Carbon capture and storage (CCS)



Feasibility of a CO2 Pipeline Network in Switzerland

Demonstrating CCS Feasibility with Waste-to-Energy Plants in Switzerland

CCS and CCU Options for Swiss Waste-to-Energy Plants

Carbon dioxide removal (CDR)

The Six Building Blocks for Purchasing Carbon Removal

CDR Certification Governance

Carbon Removal Booster

Key Challenges and Strategies for European Carbon Removal Startups

Carbon Removal ClimAccelerator

Life Cycle Assessment of Carbon Dioxide Removal options

Food Systems

Food Waste reduction in Switzerland – interdependencies and rationales

Decarbonizing Dairy Farms

Transport & Energy

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