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Carbon Removal Booster

The Carbon Removal Booster is a targeted initiative, funded by Innosuisse, aimed at expediting the advancement of carbon dioxide removal (CDR) solutions within Switzerland. This effort is aligned with Switzerland's ambitious long-term climate strategy, set forth until 2050, to transition towards a net-zero economy. It does so this using a threefold approach:

  • Firstly, the program actively cultivates and opens the Swiss CDR landscape, undertaking a continuous process of stakeholder mapping and facilitation.

  • Secondly, it serves as a platform for the convergence of stakeholders from diverse sectors including research, industry, politics, and civil society, fostering collaborative ventures to address specific CDR challenges that hold significant relevance for both the Swiss economy and society at large.

  • Thirdly, the program extends methodological support and provides tools essential for the development of innovative products, processes, or services tailored for CDR solutions. These efforts primarily center on technology-driven approaches, with the goal of establishing them within the Swiss market, transcending the program's duration.


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