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Shaping the Circular Economy

The circular economy is a hot topic, but how can companies and industries successfully implement this transformation? Together with the Circularity team, we have compiled our extensive research and practical experience in transforming businesses and industrial consortia. Our findings are now available below.

Part 1: Holistic Transformation in Established Companies

Transforming the value creation process represents a fundamental change for a company. It requires a clear vision, management of circular innovation, integration into the organization and culture, and the development of new competencies.

Part 2: Collaborative Transformation of Value Chains

Successful collaborations need clear alignment among participants. Key factors include developing a shared vision and knowledge base and addressing necessary compromises openly.

Part 3: Disruptive Transformation of Industries by Start-ups

Start-ups play a crucial role in transforming established industries. They introduce new approaches, enable collaborations, create independent platforms, provide knowledge, and fill gaps in the circular value chain. Established companies can find exciting opportunities for collaboration here.


Circular Economy gestalten
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Shaping the Circular Economy
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