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Where is the increasing use of rPET in Switzerland leading?

PET experiences material degradation during mechanical recycling and can therefore not be recycled and applied infinitely. Given the ramp-up of recycled content, the size of this problem needs to be better understood. The goal of the project is to analyze the Swiss market for PET (bottles), forecast the expected ramp-up of recycled content, evaluate existing and upcoming recycling technologies and develop business model scenarios. The primary objectives were:

  • Outline of status quo – Development of an aggregated overview of PET market in Switzerland with a focus on bottles, incl. volumes and material flows, recycling streams and losses, end-market applications and pledged and certified consumption.

  • Market analysis & forecast – Finding out what possible challenges are linked with rPET degradation and develop a forecast of aggregated demand and recyclate supply incl. rPET quota for bottles in 2025/2030 based on current assumptions.

  • Analysis of recycling technologies – Scanning recycling technologies (both existing and in research) to understand and assess options for the Swiss market and evaluate feasible technologies based on economic and ecological criteria.

  • Evaluation - Evaluate findings regarding scenario-based evaluation of relevant business models.

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